Welcome to the Northwestern Mutual Foundation Grant Application System

Grant applications from the Northwestern Mutual Foundation are by invitation only and often program specific.

PLEASE READ – Important Features of this System

Two passwords to start an application

Account password
On this page, use your email address and personal account password to log in to the system. This is not the special application password from the application invitation.

You can create a new account or reset the password for an existing account from this page.

Application password

This is the password included in the application invitation. The system will prompt you for this password after you log in using your account password.

Return to continue working on application in progress

Bookmark this page and return to it to access the application portal to continue working on applications in progress.

DO NOT USE the link included in the application invitation. It will begin a new application and it will appear as if your work is lost. The content of the first application is still in the system.

If you are having trouble logging in, please email us for assistance.

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