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Helpful Hints
  • This interface serves as the port of entry for numerous private foundations supported by the Bank of America, Philanthropic Solutions team.
  • Important: Set up our system's email as trusted:, (no reply) or you may miss critical email communications from the foundation to which you are applying.
  • Check your connection to the internet before starting your application and use an updated computer with a compatible browser. The online application is compatible with current versions of the most common browsers.
  • Clear your browser cache of temp files and cookies and close all of your browsers before starting your application. This generally solves common issues such answers not saving, being bounced out of the application or difficulty resetting your password. After refreshing your browser, return to the foundation’s webpage or the application link provided to your organization to log in and start your application.
  • If an existing account holder exceeds the number of incorrect log in attempts before using the Forgot Password link, they will have to request a password reset.
  • To create a new user account, select the New Applicant link, enter your email address (or one designated by your organization) and re-enter the email address to confirm. Create a password, confirm it and then select Continue to answer the security questions. The application will then launch.
  • Review the Online Application Help document located in the Help Center section of this page for other tips.
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If you have questions, view the Online Application Help.