The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation and Lettie Pate Evans Foundation share a grant portal. Please sign in to submit grant requests, reports or other requirements to any of the Foundations.

Each organization is permitted only ONE account in the portal, which should be managed by a single contact who is responsible for all submissions. Log in only with the credentials of the designated primary contact for your organization. Otherwise, you will be unable to view or submit grant requests and requirements for your organization.

If you are a new primary contact, please notify the Foundations so we can transfer your organization's grant portal account to your email address. This is not a change you can make on your own.

If your organization is using the portal for the first time, click “Create New Account” (below the E-mail field) and set up a password. Passwords are case sensitive and must contain at least 12 characters with letters, numbers and special characters.

For technical assistance, please contact Emily Patteson at patteson@woodruff.org or 404-522-6755.
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